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August 6, 2013


And that’s exactly what we did one Sunday afternoon that felt a little more like spring than summer, but the brisk winds only drove us more quickly into the hospitable home of baker du jour Nathalie. The SFMOMA may be closed, but with her talents on hand, the world famous modern art desserts came to life amidst a well-balanced rotation of freshly ground coffees and fresh mint tea, hearty laughter, and even sweeter company. Caitlin would’ve been proud.

/ the mondrian cake /
piet mondrian

/ frieda kahlo’s mexican wedding cookies /
frieda y diego rivera

/ build your own newman /
barnett newman - zim zum 1

I remember my last breath inside that home still ringing with good cheer and sweet air; it reminded me to have the courage to try new things and to have a willingness to learn, to continually push myself to create, bake, make, to never take such times or people for granted, and of life’s abundance and the simple beauty in sharing that abundance.
Here’s to the art and good taste in that.